Days Until US Presidential Election: 40

From September 1st to November 2, 2004 any adult in the world will have a chance to express his opinion about the candidates for President of the United States by registering and voting on this Website.

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Use this site to:

  • Gather information about the candidates and their views on different issues (See Research Links).
  • Register as a non-citizen voter so that your voice may be heard
  • Cast your ballot for President of the United States

What is this all about?

The Presidential election in the United States has an impact on people in countries throughout the world, yet only US citizens are permitted to vote in that election. is a Web site designed to permit people throughout the world to cast a ballot in the US election.   To learn more about the people that built this site, click on About Us at the bottom of the page.

The ballot will not count, at least in the sense that it will not help determine the outcome of the US election. But it will make it possible for you to express your viewpoint and have your voice added to those of others around the world. The results of your vote and those of all other votes will be shown,  country by country, on this site. (Click on See Results to see how the vote is going.)

How can I learn enough to make an informed decision?

There are many Web sites that give information about the 2004 election for President of the United States. We offer four groups of links:
Nonpartisan links
Connect to sites that provide information about all of the candidates and do not espouse a particular point of view about either the candidates or specific issues.

Partisan links
Connect to sites of organizations that take a strong view about the candidates but which are not controlled by candidates or the political parties they represent.

Issue links
Connect to sites of organizations that take positions on particular issues. Connect you to the web sites of individual candidates or their supporting political parties.
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Presidential Candidates

Click links for more info
George Bush
Republican Party
George W. Bush
President of US
John Kerry
Democratic Party
John Kerry
US Senator
Ralph Nader
Independent/Reform Party
Ralph Nader
Consumer advocate,
Gene Amondson
Prohibition Party
Gene Amondson
Painter, minister
Michael Badnarik
Libertarian Party
Michael Badnarik
Computer consultant
Walt Brown
Socialist Party USA
Walt Brown
Attorney, law professor
Roger Calero
Socialist Workers Party
Róger Calero
Newspaper editor
David Cobb
Green Party
David Cobb
Charles Jay
Personal Choice Party
Charles Jay
Publisher, gambling
John Parker
Workers World Party
John Parker
Communist political
Leonard Peltier
Peace & Freedom Party
Leonard Peltier
Imprisoned Native
American political activist
Michael Peroutka
Constitution Party
Michael Peroutka
Health plans analyst
Diane Templin
American Party
Diane Templin
Attorney, real estate
Bill Van Auken
Socialist Equality Party
Bill Van Auken