Days Until US Presidential Election: 24

Prohibition Party

Gene Amondson
Presidential Nominee
Leroy Pletten
Vice Presidential Nominee

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Although we can't find out much information about Amondson's personal political views, the Party Platform favors:
  • American intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • The elimination of government agricultural subsidies to farmers and corporations
  • Local control rather than national government control over most areas, especially education
  • Permitting prayer in public schools
  • The sale of all government-owned businesses
  • A balanced Federal Budget, a return to the gold standard
  • A flat tax instead of the graduated income tax
  • The elimination of the national debt
It opposes:
  • The sale of alcoholic beverages, tobacco and illegal drugs
  • Permitting abortion or euthanasia
  • Environmental laws that cost people jobs
  • Racial inequality and racial gerrymandering
  • Restrictions on the ownership of guns
  • Foreign aid
  • Any foreign treaty that puts US troops, businesses or citizens under any foreign control, including such agreements as the Kyoto Accord
  • Permitting marriage between people of the same sex
  • Most immigration to the US

The Prohibition Party was built around the early 20th Century campaign to make alcoholic beverages illegal in the United States, which succeeded in banning them between 1920 and 1933. In the 2000 election the Prohibition Party captured just 208 votes nationally, which is just about as close to zero as you can get.

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