Days Until US Presidential Election: 22

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Please help us spread the word about this site by telling your friends about www.us-election.org. An easy way to do this is to cut and paste the following letter, modifying it if you like, and then forwarding it to as many of your friends as you feel would be interested. We'd like to hear what people around the world think about the American Presidential candidates!

Because we want to spread the word as widely as possible, please try try to forward this email to friends who live in different countries than you or, if that is not possible, different districts of your country.

Yours truly,

The us-election.org Development Team

Dear friend,

I am writing to ask you to take a look at a Website called www.us-election.org. It allows people who are not US citizens to vote in the next American Presidential election and is filled with information about all of the candidates.

I know that you may wonder why you should vote in the US election, since your vote will not affect the results. That is true, but it may nevertheless be useful for Americans to understand how we feel about their choices. The choices Americans make affect us all, so even if we have no legal right to participate in their election, they should know how we feel.

The results can be viewed immediately on the site and right up to the election day of November 2. They can be viewed country-by-country as well as region-by-region. All you have to do is go to


and register your vote. It's easy.

Then, once you have voted, pass this letter on to as many of your friends as have access to a computer and the Internet. Make our voice as loud as you can, because America needs to know that we are here and watching.

All the best.

Your friend.

Presidential Candidates

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George Bush
Republican Party
George W. Bush
President of US
John Kerry
Democratic Party
John Kerry
US Senator
Ralph Nader
Independent/Reform Party
Ralph Nader
Consumer advocate,
Gene Amondson
Prohibition Party
Gene Amondson
Painter, minister
Michael Badnarik
Libertarian Party
Michael Badnarik
Computer consultant
Walt Brown
Socialist Party USA
Walt Brown
Attorney, law professor
Roger Calero
Socialist Workers Party
Róger Calero
Newspaper editor
David Cobb
Green Party
David Cobb
Charles Jay
Personal Choice Party
Charles Jay
Publisher, gambling
John Parker
Workers World Party
John Parker
Communist political
Leonard Peltier
Peace & Freedom Party
Leonard Peltier
Imprisoned Native
American political activist
Michael Peroutka
Constitution Party
Michael Peroutka
Health plans analyst
Diane Templin
American Party
Diane Templin
Attorney, real estate
Bill Van Auken
Socialist Equality Party
Bill Van Auken