Days Until US Presidential Election: 22

Democratic Party

US Senator John Kerry
Presidential Nominee
US Senator John Edwards
Vice Presidential Nominee

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Senator John Kerry became a national political firgure in the 1970's, when he was one of the organizers of Vietnam Veterans Against the War. A war hero himself, his called the Vietnam War a "mistake" and demanded that the US leave Vietnam. As a Senator, he has supported free trade. He led the floor fight for permanent normal trade relations with China and sponsored a bill to commit $100 million per year to a fund to fight AIDS in Africa. He has won the support of most labor and environmental groups.

He also supports:
  • a woman's personal right to choose whether to have an abortion
  • President Bush's War on Terrorism
  • Restoring the Bush cuts to the Clean Air Act
  • Increasing use of solar and wind power
  • Some increased restrictions on guns and firearms, such as limits on sales of guns at gun shows
  • Earned legalization of status for illegal immigrants to the US who work and pass a background check with amnesty for any illegals in the US for more than 5 or 6 years
  • Repeal of part of President Bush's tax cuts to help pay down the deficit
  • A continued but declining American presence in Iraq until multi-national organizations are prepared to provide the needed stability
He opposes:
  • Same sex marriage
  • Unilateralism in international affairs, favoring a multilateral approach with international institutions like the United Nations and with America's traditional allies
  • The increased trade embargo with Cuba
  • Limitations on welfare benefits for the children of legal immigrants

Presidential Candidates

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