Days Until US Presidential Election: 22

Republican Party

President George W. Bush
Presidential Nominee
Vice President Dick Cheney
Vice Presidential Nominee

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President Bush has built his re-election campaign around his declared success in the War on Terror and an economic plan based on his consistent support of tax cuts and opposition to new taxes with the idea that a stronger economy would offset the increasing budget deficit.

He supports:
  • A Constitutional amendment to ban marriage between two people of the same sex
  • Pre-emptive military action anywhere in the world to prevent potential threats toward the United States
  • Active intervention in nations that are promoting terrorism
  • Addressing the budget deficit by cutting government spending rather than raising taxes
  • Delivering Federally funded social services and poverty aid through religious and other non-profit organizations
  • Limited restrictions on use of natural resources in an effort to spur economic growth
  • Extending the current ban on assault weapons
  • Increased spending on the fight against AIDS in Africa
  • Spreading democracy throughout the world in an effort to eradicate hatred and prejudice
He opposes:
  • Permitting US citizens to be held accountable by international institutions that infringe on the sovereignty of the US, such as the International Court of Justice in The Hague
  • Abortion, except where necessary to save the mother's life
  • Most restrictions on gun ownership
  • Most stem cell research

Presidential Candidates

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George Bush
Republican Party
George W. Bush
President of US
John Kerry
Democratic Party
John Kerry
US Senator
Ralph Nader
Independent/Reform Party
Ralph Nader
Consumer advocate,
Gene Amondson
Prohibition Party
Gene Amondson
Painter, minister
Michael Badnarik
Libertarian Party
Michael Badnarik
Computer consultant
Walt Brown
Socialist Party USA
Walt Brown
Attorney, law professor
Roger Calero
Socialist Workers Party
Róger Calero
Newspaper editor
David Cobb
Green Party
David Cobb
Charles Jay
Personal Choice Party
Charles Jay
Publisher, gambling
John Parker
Workers World Party
John Parker
Communist political
Leonard Peltier
Peace & Freedom Party
Leonard Peltier
Imprisoned Native
American political activist
Michael Peroutka
Constitution Party
Michael Peroutka
Health plans analyst
Diane Templin
American Party
Diane Templin
Attorney, real estate
Bill Van Auken
Socialist Equality Party
Bill Van Auken